Weebly is an amazing platform which lets you set up your website without any assistance from an expert or any know-how of HTML or CSS. Although the platform and the services are available to use without any charges, if tweaked skillfully, can be converted to a money making machine.
What Makes Weebly Amazing?

Weebly provides you with all the necessary tools and resources to setup a new website. You can experience for yourself how it feels to have a total control over every aspect of the site such as web design, content, etc. With almost every feature enabled with the drag and drop functionality, the only limit to creating a robust website with premium Weebly templates is your imagination. You can pick a free subdomain of your choice, or even purchase one in order to create a more professional aesthetic.

1) Creating Backlinks

Weebly provides an easy way of creating effective backlinks to your main website. You just need to use the custom HTML form, or insert reference links in your blogs and articles posted on Weebly websites. Backlinks do wonders in bringing a significant amount of organic traffic. Ad if you wish to churn out loads of money from your Weebly website, which you obviously do, Weebly is the perfect platform to create backlinks.

2) YouTube

If you have a YouTube account and create or promote videos, Weebly has a lot to offer. You can embed the videos and images in the Weebly design from any third part software or upload the media files from your gallery.

3) Affiliate Advertisements

Probably the best way to make money from your Weebly websites is via affiliate advertisements such as Google AdSense. If you are into selling products online, you can create a sales page and choose from a variety of options to feature the method of receiving payment in the web design itself such as Google Checkout or PayPal.

4) Create Smaller Websites

The platform is ideal for creating mini sites with Weebly templates while keeping the budget and time investment to the minimum. These sites are smaller than the parent site and usually consists of 3 to 5 web pages. You can create such websites to target the specific keywords and provide backlinks to the main website.

5) Free Tools To Get Started

This feature is more of a money saver that an actual money maker. The Weebly services are free to flag off the website development. However, you can always upgrade to a pro account and premium Weebly templates at a later stage. This will give you way more features than the ones available in the existing free Weebly themes and other resources. However, upgrading is not necessary and you can continue to enjoy the free supplies until you start making some money out of your website.

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The platform is ideal for creating mini sites with Weebly templates while keeping the budget and time investment to the minimum.