This is the ultimate transition that most people want to be going through. Do you want more success in every sense of the word? Do you want more money, love, happiness, and, above all, freedom?

To understand how to be more successful, you must begin with understanding why you are not. I ...This is the ultimate transition that most people want to be going through. Do you want more success in every sense of the word? Do you want more money, love, happiness, and, above all, freedom?

To understand how to be more successful, you must begin with understanding why you are not. I have observed three major areas that stop people from really moving forward.

The first is simply not having the knowledge of what to do in order to be financially successful. The masses have no idea of how many possibilities are available. Have you been taught how to manage money effectively and how to invest safely? Information on how to make our money work for us, instead of working for money, is not something that is generally made available in the mainstream. Typically, one is not even very likely to seek this information out because they have no idea that it even exists.

This moves us into the second obstacle to success. This is our unconscious programming and belief systems. What was modeled for you as a child is in most cases what you will do yourself. How do you view success in general? Is having millions of dollars while married to your soul mate and living your passions everyday something that was shown to you by your parents? If it wasn't, chances are you don't even think it is possible. Even if you do on some conscious level think it is possible, are you doing it? Is it coming to you easily? If not, there is something deep down that is holding you back.

The third obstacle to success is not being clear on exactly what you do want, what your passions are, and what your purpose in the world is. Most of the time, this is the really big one for most folks I talk to. They want it all, but don't know what "all" is. So what they become focused on is the way things are, how rotten the situation is, and what they do not want. What is focused on multiples, and the same cycle keeps repeating over and over.

Now that you know that, where do you begin?

Begin by showing interest! You see, when you start to show interest in something - your brain begins to look for it. Remember, you are taking in 400 billion bits of information per second, but you are only aware of about 3000 of them. Which 3000 are you going to see? Always, always, you will see what you are looking for and nothing else!

If you have no idea what your passions are, this is a very good place to start. This is home base. Without identifying this, everything is less likely to have meaning behind it. When you have a purpose for being successful and a passionate drive behind it, you will have the motivation you need.

Identifying your passions takes some interest. Look at this as they key to opening the door to total success - money, love, freedom - all of it. Pose this question to yourself: If I were living the life of my dreams, what would be present in my life? What would I be doing every day? Start writing anything down that you can think of. It can be big dreams, like ending world hunger, or smaller things, like having a garden or taking a nap everyday. I coach people on this - so if you are needing some help finding clarity, I invite you to contact me and I'll be happy to talk with you about it.

If you have identified your passion and purpose, this is when you are most likely going to watch all those beliefs flush up to the surface. For example, you may wish to be an actor. When you make your decision to quit your job, pack up and move to L.A., all the things that have been stopping you will not be able to hide from you anymore. This is why the quickest way to uncover your unconscious obstacles inside is to do that which scares you. When you see it, you can begin to deal with it. Until you do, it will run your life. In short, feel the fear and do it anyway.

This brings me to the last important place to start moving towards success - take some action. This is why identifying your passions is crucial, it makes the action crystal clear. Action plus intention equals miracles. When you know what you want and are taking specific action towards it, the whole universe responds to you. What you need becomes available in amazing ways. I have seen this over and over with myself and many others.

The internal process one goes through moving from struggle to success will be full of high's and low's, and is not always easy. It's actually quite uncomfortable. So, now comes the important question - are you willing to do what it takes to be successful? Are you willing to be uncomfortable? Are you willing to look at and work on changing the beliefs that are stopping you?

Answer these questions honestly. Don't make any more excuses for why things aren't working out. If you really want it - it's there for you. Success is so worth it. Imagine what it would feel like to be free in every way. Imagine doing what you really want to do in the way you feel called to do it. Oh, and that calling you hear? That's the world calling to you. You're so full of gifts and talents, don't let fear stop you from using them, we will all be there to support you, more than you know.

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Anastasia Netri, the business building expert and “Glass ceiling buster” is the founder of ALN Enterprises, a company that helps conscientious women leaders get more yes's, help more people, and make more money.

She has a passion for helping women move into more powerful leadership roles so they can help the world evolve, build community, and experience true human potential.

Anastasia calls herself a spiritual teacher who works through the lens of business building. She specializes in totally inspirational, non-fear based marketing, and teaches hundreds of entrepreneurs how to bring their clients to a full body YES!

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