These abilities are Ultra Powerful, but they have to be realized into fruition. Your entire view of what you think reality is has to change. This is essential. We've all experienced supernatural events. We've all experienced them from time to time, but it doesn't mean you submitted yourself to believing they were supernatural. When you were born you had the greatest imagination but along the way you were broken down to believing you were nothing. So you have forgotten how powerful you are.

Develop your dominance. You have to do this if you want to dominate your reality. Don't misunderstand dominance. Don't have a weak understanding of this concept. This doesn't mean control. It means you have a Strong Will. You don't let people push you over or dominate you with their weak and negative intentions.

The Universe is Most Dominant. And you are of this Universe, Intimately and Quantumly connected to it. This Universe is Ultimate Intelligence and Intelligence is Power, just as ignorance is weak. Ignorance builds a brick wall between it and truth.

If you want to Supernaturally Manifest and co create with the Universe, one must do so from a position of Power. If you don't have a strong view of yourself then you create from weakness. Your reality is then a weak one, so other poeple's energies dominate your life. You have a choice. Every choice you make holds manifesting power. So choose Wisely!

Once a decision has been made, you've communicated with the Universe and it responds Instantly. The response existed previous to the decision. When you made a decision, you made a choice, so then you've chosen an outcome. You've just created something. You have to grasp the importance of seeing things this way. This is the most Powerful way because you're more aware of the power behind your choices in each present moment. That's where all your Power is Hidden!

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People may wonder why I am here. Ask yourself this: Why are You here? You are here because you believe in Self Growth. That is the Universe's Intent. You are performing the Will of the Universe as it's Only intent is to Grow and Evolve. One must Grow with it and Learn new things as knowledge is Power and Intelligent Implementation of it is even More Powerful.