Everyday your body gives you messages. If you listen and take action, you will start to feel better, have more energy, and get rid of those aches and pains. Also, when you pay attention to these messages, you will going towards optimal health. When you ignore these messages, your health declines.

Our body has incredible wisdom. As you start to listen to what it is saying, and start making changes, you will get even more guidance. You can receive messages in many different ways. If you eat foods that you are allergic to, you may get headaches, stomach aches, or gain weight. You also get messages from your dreams. These dreams may tell you about a health issue that needs attention or a future problem that may arise. In order to remember and interpret your dreams, write them down as soon as you wake up in the morning. Honor them by taking action and you will probably get even even more informative dreams. You can also get messages when you meditate. When you meditate you can access a deeper level of consciousness than when you are doing your normal daily activities. You may start to realize that what you are doing is making you feel sick. You may realize that junk foods are making you feel tired or upset or certain people in your life are giving you lots of stress. By changing your lifestyle, you will feel much better.

If you are impatient and want a quick idea of what may be missing in your diet, or what changes you need to make in your lifestyle.
Visit my web site www.healthdreamer.com and take our Wellness Profile. After you submit your answers, I will be able to tell you which foods are best for you, what foods you should avoid, what supplements are missing from your diet, and other changes that will improve your health.

Many people feel that the aches and pains they get can not be avoided. They tell themselves that is just who they are. They believe that they have to suffer with these problems or take medication. The problem with medication is that it just covers up the real underlining cause. If a person keeps taking medication, their problems will eventually get worse. In the end they may even need to have an operation. Lots of times people who have arthritis take pain killers and medication. Finally the pain is so bad, they need a hip or knee to be replaced. If they had changed their diet to a more vegetarian one, taken glucosamine and fish oil they would have been much healthier. The glucosamine and fish oil rebuilds the cartilage and helps to get rid of the pain. It is just common sense to supply your body with what it needs, so that it can function properly.

When you give your body the raw materials it needs, it can take these nutrients and build healthy cells. The end result is that you will feel better and improve your health. Eating a healthy diet is also very important. Food that is white, processed, canned, or has lots of sugar: cannot build healthy cells. Dark green leafy organic veggies and organic fruits have the raw materials your body needs to build superior health. Every day I mix 6 dark green leafy organic veggies and fruit to make a delicious smoothie in my vita-mixer. These fruits and veggies can provide your body with essential nutrients and fiber to get rid of toxins and give you a full feeling.

If you feel great now, you may want to consider nutritional insurance. The idea behind this is:if you give your body everything it needs, you may not develop aches and pains that may eventually lead to major health problems. I highly recommend our Vitalizer vitamins. The University of California at Berkeley conducted a study in which it was found that those using our supplements had overall better levels of health than those who were taking other brands of supplements. The people used in this study were taking supplements for over 20 years. People taking our supplements had lower incidences of heart disease,diabetes, stroke,emphysema,bad cholesterol,triglycerides, and higher good cholesterol. You will find that the Vitalizer is very convenient. It consists of 30 strips of tablets. You take one strip of 6 tablets every day. There are 4 different supplements: 2 multivitamins, 2 soft gel capsules that have the carotenoids and fish oil, 1 B+C, and 1 probiotic. When you take the Vitalizer for a month you will be giving your body optimum vitality. If for any reason, you are not 100 % satisfied, you get your money back.

Author's Bio: 

I attended Temple University and received a BA in biology. I did biochemical medical research at various hospitals in Philadelphia and New York City. I raised 2 sons and then started my own nutrition company.