Botox is among the top cosmetic treatments anticipated by users worldwide. If we go by the words of renowned cosmetic surgeons, nothing can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles well than a botox injection in delhi. But despite the popularity, we keep coming across people who live under an illusion that this treatment is lethal. In this blog post, we will dispel five big myths about Botox. Read on!

1. Botox Treatment is Painful

As a matter of fact, any injection will hurt but when it comes to the injections used for Botox, so be prepared to get a stinging effect on your skin. The injections used for this treatment are very small and cause minimal pain as they are made to pass just below the skin’s surface. More so, you will be surrounded by cosmetic surgeons who have the topical numbing creams stocked-up.

2. Botox Takes Away the Charm

Not at all! Those who claim that Botox treatments make you look frozen, emotionless, and worse, should certainly give it a shot so as to find out the real answer. If you are getting a Botox injection by the hands of a practitioner, you just don’t have to worry. Botox can’t completely restrain facial expressions but only relaxes the muscle for a period of time and gives you a refreshed look.

3. Stop Getting the Botox Injected, You’ll have the Worst Old Days

This is just an elaborated hoax. The facial area that’s injected during Botox relaxes the muscle for some time, meaning, Botox is a temporary treatment. Once the effects that may or may not last for a longer duration fade, fine lines prior to the treatment will gradually start reappearing. This is why the surgeons recommend periodic Botox treatments so that you don’t have to fight your wrinkles time and again.

4. Men are Prohibited from the Girly Stuff like Botox

Just so you know, the researchers have seen an increasing number of men seeking Botox treatments in recent years. Botox is the most effective anti-aging treatment for both men and women. Men go for the treatment to soften up their facial muscles and get a more approachable appearance rather than scaring people away by their tough looks.

5. Botox is Lethal

For some, cosmetic surgeries are a blessing and to others, they might not find the idea of undergoing one all that uplifting. Botox treatments are completely safe provided they are performed in a technically-equipped medical setting and by a team of experienced cosmetic surgeons. However, the misconception of Botox being lethal is largely due to its derivation from botulinum toxin – associated with food poisoning. As far as the studies suggest, there have been no long term side effects reported in the past several years.

Botox is a Safer Alternative

Botox is one of the safest non-surgical cosmetic treatments with minimal or no long-term side effects. Contacting the experts for Botox injections will only benefit you more. If you are looking forward to get rid of the frown lines between eyebrows, or the forehead furrows in India, Delhi Aesthetic Clinic (DAC) is right here at your service. We have a team of experienced cosmetic surgeons who give the Botox injections with precision.

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