Circus Ponies NoteBook goes above and beyond your typical note taking software, packed with incredible features that no other note taking software offers in a single application. It's available for Mac and iPad, and if you're coming from Windows it most resembles OneNote (though it goes far beyond it).

One of NoteBook's best note taking features is its ability to sync audio to your notes, which Circus Ponies calls "voice annotation." Open up NoteBook in a meeting or lecture, turn on voice annotation, and start typing. When you're done, if you had trouble keeping up with the speaker or want to review what was said, click the small speaker icon next to any note and playback will begin from that point. You can even send the voice recording to your iTunes music library and replay the meeting or lecture from your iPhone in the car, while jogging, or anywhere else.

NoteBook is very flexible when it comes to entering your notes. You can use the built-in outliner which is great for organizing lots of information, or double-click anywhere to place a note at that spot. NoteBook even lets you add sticky notes and flags to pages, as reminders or to call out important information.

If you ever need to add a diagram or skecth to your notes, NoteBook has those tools as well. Choose from different shapes and lines to build your diagrams, or use your mouse or a tablet to sketch. If you have a tablet you can even write your notes by hand and have NoteBook convert them to text.

Once you've filled a notebook with your notes, how do you find anything? By using one of NoteBook's greatest features which Circus Ponies calls the "Multidex." The Mutlidex works similar to the way our brains categorize information, so that with a few clicks you can quickly find anything you're looking for. The Multidex is so amazing you will never have to worry about forgetting the location of that important memo.

NoteBook sports a pretty, user-friendly interface that resembles an actual paper notebook. You can choose from different paper styles, like plain, ruled, graph, legal, and more. It even lets you create your own paper styles, with custom colors and backgrounds.

Circus Ponies offers a 30-day free trial so you can try it out yourself. Once you've signed up and have your NoteBook download, visit the Circus Ponies website for the numerous real-life user testimonials and the video tour. Both are a great source of for tips on how you can best use NoteBook.

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