Wedding cakes have evolved from just being a simple loaf of bread to some of the most elegant designs and flavors. Some couples go in for a simple wedding cakes to avoid extra expenses on shapes and decoration. There are plenty of cake designs which have come up. Gone are the days, when people used to go in for a plain cake.

There are plenty of magazines and recipe books which would update you about the current trends for wedding cakes. Cake cutting ceremony is not just matter of cutting the cake and feeding it to each other. It has become a style statement and portrays the personality and interest of the couple.

Traditional cakes are still a popular choice among couples even today. You go in for a simple retro look to the cake. For instance, you can go in for a cake design with polka dots, floral design or lace design. You can decorate it with flowers or accessories prepared of fondant or sugar. Besides these you can also check out some vintage wedding cake toppers to boost up the beauty of the cake.

You can take inspiration for your cake from the wedding cake of your favorite celebrity. You can develop a design inspired from the celebrity’s cakes or from the available designs. You can personalize the wedding cake by thinking about some unique design or opting for combinations of various shapes. For instance, a wedding cake could be in the shape of a football or a castle.

There are some very popular designs which have square shaped cakes stacked up in two to three layers. Each of these layers could be decorated with flowers. You can either use seasonal flowers or some special varieties of flowers that would match the color and design of your cake. Square wedding cakes are also in fashion now- a days. The main reason for this popularity is that they can be easily prepared and require less decoration.

You can go in for a chocolate cake or almond cake depending upon the preferences of the couple. The mixed fruit cakes have become outdated. Instead you can go in for some distinctive flavors such as lemon, raspberry or carrot.

You can hire a cake designer solely for the purpose of creating an exclusive design for your cake. For the winter wedding, white wedding cakes decorated with snowflakes are in fashion. However for fall wedding, golden, brown, or green cakes decorated with dried leaves are in style for wedding ceremony.

Some couples go in for asymmetrical shapes for the cake. Many of them go for hexagonal shapes of cakes embellished with modern accessories and toppers. Cakes with beautiful quotes, calligraphy and photos imprinted on them are also an all time favorite.

Another excellent option for couples looking for varied flavors can go in for cup cakes. These cupcakes could be of various colors, shapes and flavors. They can be arranged on the cake stand as per your desire.

There are cakes with some designs such as floral or artistic ones on the cake relating to the theme. You can select a fondant icing for the cakes as it provides a good texture and prevents the cake from perishing. You can garnish your cakes with plenty of fruits, nuts or candies.

In case of cake toppers also many changes have taken place in the choices of the couples. The figurines of couples used as topper have undergone a change. People go in for initial letters of the couple’s names or beautiful sculpture or designs for cake toppers.

The current trends for wedding cakes have been outlined here.

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