All of us live under the impact of planets and nakshatras. Sometimes you must be confused to see that despite of doing a lot of efforts, we are not getting as what we deserve. Actually this all depends upon the placements of Planets, nakshatras, Dasha, mahadasha and antardasha. In this article we will see what isMahadasha and its impacts on our lives.

  1. • Sun or Surya Mahadasha
  2. • Moon or Chandra Mahadasha
  3. • Mars or MangalMahadasha
  4. • Mercury or BudhMahadashas
  5. • Jupiter or Guru Mahadasha
  6. • Venus or ShukraMahadasha
  7. • Saturn or ShaniMahadasha
  8. • RahuMahadasha
  9. • KetuMahadasha

    Mahadasha or main period is the division of human life for each planet with different size of periods divided within supposed 120years of a human life as each division is governed by a planet and also the cycle of 120 yearscontain all the 9 astrological. The Period of each planet leaves different and different impacts upon the native’s life depending upon numerous factors.Everyone is supposed to be born with the presence of all the planets for his lifetime as from whatever place he or she would begin his or her life cycle, it will lead him or her through the systematic series of planetary periods as in a way to complete all the planetary sections in 120 years.

    Howeverit’srather a different feature thatnowa person seldom lives all 120yrs. The Mahadashas of a native’s life works together withNakshatras as in whichever Nakshatra a native is born, his or her first Mahadasha at birth will be of the ruling planet of the birth Nakshatra and then after, the methodicalsequence of Mahadashas will continue. This planetary division is known as Mahadasha of planets.


    All human beings are affected by this Mahadasha period. As these planetary Mahadashas plays a very important role in human lives as they could bring enormous changes in native’s life and can take them towards the heights or can also cause ruins. Because in these Mahadashas, the governing planet leaves a great impact upon the native’s life and that completely depends upon the association of the ruling planet with the planetary locations in the horary chart of the person. If the Mahadasha is of the karaka or benefice planet or a well-placed or glorious planet then this period in overall will make the person life full of happiness, prosperity,arrangement and riches. But if the planet is Akaraka or malefic or not well placed or weakened in the kundali, the major period of that planet will cause difficulties, loss of cash , debts and illnesses. Though the exact good or bad results would be decided by prudentlyinvestigative the lordship of the planet and the placement of the planet. The strength of the good or bad results would be definite by the state of planet whether it is influential or weak, the placement of other planets with it and aspect of planets on it.

    Mahadashas are further divided into nine sections called Antardashas or sub-periods. This is a separation of Mahadasha period where all the nine planets would have their impact within the maineffect of the planet which is a ruler of Mahadasha. We can comprehend with the help of an example like- in the 17 year Mahadasha period of Mercury; all the nine planets with Mercury would have their share of period. In this period, the planet ruling Mahadasha and Antardasha both would have impacts on person's life. So theMahadasha period of any planets is not consistently good or bad for a person. The fate will depend on many factors as if rulers of Mahadasha and Antardashas are karakas or Akarakas for the native, both are strong, well placed or weak, ill placed and whether they are natural friends or natural enemies. Seeing all these factors, the forecasts can be made for that Mahadasha- Antardasha period.
    Antardashas are further divided in to 9 subdivisions of 9 periods in which all the 9 planets would have their period of effects. These divisions are called PratyantarDasha or sub-sub period.To recapitulate the topic, human life is divided in to Mahadashas, Antardashas and Pratyantardashas of planets which can affect the human life in a positive or negative way.

    1. 1. Planets MahaDasha Time Period
    2. 2. Sun or Surya Mahadasha 6 Years
    3. 3. Moon or Chandra Mahadasha 10 Years
    4. 4. Mars or MangalMahadasha 7 Years
    5. 5. Mercury or BudhMahaDasha 17 Years
    6. 6. Jupiter or Guru Mahadasha 16 Years
    7. 7. Venus or ShukraMahadasha 20 Years
    8. 8. Saturn or ShaniMahaDasha 19 Years
    9. 9. RahuMahaDasha18 Years
    10. 10. KetuMahaDasha 7 Years
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