1. Trying Every MLM business to find one that final works for you. Have you been hopping from one MLM to another – frustrated that it never seems to work? The concept seems good and you can imagine your future and a long term income, but it just never works the way you think it should?

2. Have you hit family and friends up with more than 2 companies in the last 2 years? A solution for everything that ails them from a broken heart to a broken arm? Does your family hide when your number shows up on the phone? (Be honest, is this what your family would say too?)

3. Have you made money in your MLM business? Counting your investment, have you also made money, improved your lifestyle, and/or improved your health? If not, why do you stay?

4. Have you been in 5 companies in the last 10 years? Why? If you can’t stick with your own company, how can you build customer loyalty and expect your customers to stick with you?

5. Are you always looking for a better one? Is the grass always greener with the other company out there?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is a very good chance that you are an MLM hopper. But don’t worry there is hope for this illness.

Why do people become an MLM Hopper?

Typically, people start hopping from one business to another for the same reason they do in the standard work force. They can see the benefit they want but when they get there they don’t quite have the plan worked out to achieve it so they get discouraged and look for another that appears better.

You may wonder if there is hope for you and if you can succeed in the MLM world. The answer is most likely YES, with the right direction and support. Many people think Network marketing careers or MLM careers are easy and just ask your friends and family to succeed. Then after a very short time and a few NOs, they give up because they aren’t winning the trips and earning the cars.

But let’s ask yourself a question, “Did you invest time, money, and education to earn the income you want?” Most likely the answer is no. If you want to be a lawyer, and you never showed up for class or court, what kind of lawyer would you be? Also if you wanted to be a doctor and went to a school that focused on welding, how good of a doctor would you be? Not very good, right? Well, the same thing is true in network marketing. You need a school that focuses not only on sales and marketing but also on more specifically network marketing (instead of just marketing). Marketing for US Cellular is different than Marketing for your own business with an MLM supplier. The key is that you must be motivated to succeed by using all the resources available such as education.

Where do most MLMers fail? The biggest reasons for failure are as follows:

• Choosing an Unstable Company – the company is in for a quick buck on a lot of hype. You need a company that is here for the long haul. A company that is involved with many of the top trends of our country such as green world, nutrition, weight management, and/or skin care. The more of these trends the company has that are stable and strong the better your business can grow.

• Not having a plan or a system. Although you can succeed by just sharing with friends and family, it can be much harder, much slower, less efficient, and even less rewarding.

• Trying to talk everyone into everything you have with your business. Just think about it, when you shop at the jewelry store for a wedding band, does the clerk offer you fries with your ring? Of course, not. You are in search of a wedding ring. The same thing is true with your own business, the happiest business and product customers are going to be the ones that already are interested in what you have to offer.

So now the part you’ve been waiting for…the cure for the MLM Hopper Disease…Avoiding the 3 top ways to fail. That’s right…if you make a wise choice with the following traits, you won’t be dissatisfied and won’t need to hop anymore.

1. Choose a reputable company that focuses on the 4 major trends of our country – nutrition, skin care, green products and weight management. To further excel, choose a company with a compensation plan that is impeccable, reliable and offers short and long term income.
2. Make sure the person you join with is not a hand holder but a leader and teaches you where to get your education and how to create your plan so your business excels. A hand hold will hold you back because you want to create your own plan with your own skills.
3. Focus on the people who want what you have or know people who want what you have.

It is that simple. Leadership and Education are the keys to success.

Author's Bio: 

Barb Lulay, owner of several businesses including OttersDream.com, an MLM home business, obviously knows how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Barb is expanding her MLM business which focuses not just on 1 of the trends but on ALL 4 of the countries trends. She is explicitly looking for 2-3 motivated entrepreneurs who have an interest in health and wellness and are looking for a long term passive income in addition to the short term rewards and profits. Network marketing and computer knowledge is recommended. If you are interested in succeeding as network marketing with the leading nutritional company in the US, then contact Barb immediately to schedule an interview. Your MLM Hopping days will be done. Only RSVP if you are looking for $100,000 in 15 months plus numerous bonuses for high achievers. Since this can realistically be accomplished with merely 22 people, Barb is strictly looking for 2-3 new business builders for her current expansion.