There are some sentences rich people love saying, but can drive ordinary people crazy. Rich people can be so annoying, don't you think? People should not just make money without thinking about the world around you.

1.“10 000 a month may sound like much, but still I'm not quite rich.”. Rich people think that this sounds like: “Come on, we all have money problems – it's not like they are countless”. The most rich people around the world rarely realize how such statements would sound in the ears of the ordinary people.

2.“I worked hard to earn what I have.” Well, it's not properly to say this to the oven cleaning from Towcester experts, for example. They also work really hard, but they don't make thousands a month. Their efforts should not be underestimated. Rich people think this sounds like: “I'm not Paris Hilton. This salary is for my 16-hour shifts!”. Ordinary people would think that you are saying you don't work hard enough. But that's not really true, is it?

3.“If I can, anyone can.” They try to say: “Instead of complaining, make money.” It surely doesn't sound like this to the people. The truth is that you can not have a society in which every policeman, doctor, teacher or oven cleaner get six-figure salaries and it's not like we don't need these people to help us in everything. The opportunity is equal, but achievement remains individual.

4.“You are just jealous, because I did and you – no!”. It's clear that a person who has worked hard to be able to start a business or get a degree from a prestigious university would not be too happy when someone comes and says “You are rubbish”. Remember the novel “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens? Don't become Scrooge.

5.“Stop begging for money. No one helped me!” Well, it's clearly that they try to say: “I accomplished everything on my own.” It doesn't sound like this tough, does it? So you think that no one every helped you? Nothing was given to you for free? Let's say that you have never been suffered and worked three jobs while studying to earn a living. So you are saying that your mother didn't breastfeed you, and you were catching rabbits with stones in the woods to survive? You never were in school and educate yourself? You don't live on an island and many people have helped you.

These were the most annoying five sentences rich people should stop saying. That's important, if you want to avoid making someone feel bad after your words. It doesn't matter if you are a cashier in McDonald's, an oven cleaning from Towcester expert or Donald Trump. We are all the same!

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Meg JJ Peterson is an young girl, student in journalism. She loves writing and reading and one of her favourite hobbies is taking care of animals. She loves experimenting with cleaning recipes given by the oven cleaning from Towcester. Her favourite tasks is cleaning the oven. According to her opinion this is the most part in the house that she has to clean. That's why she loves doing it.