The Lutterloh System is an easy and accurate way of pattern making.
This method can be used to make sewing patterns for all kinds of women's, men's
and children's clothing.

The System is based on a mathematical formular called the golden section.
This formular states that measurments within the human body relate.

These mathematics are used to calculate small pattern designs that can be enlarged and made to fit different figure types by using only the bust and the hip measurement.

After the patterns are made with these two measurements they are fit to the persons body and if necessary the lenght is adjusted to fit (waist, legs, arms).

Unlike commercial patterns like Burda, McCalls, Simplicity and Vogue that are made for certain sizes the Lutterloh System works for individual measurements and therfore the self made clothing patterns fits also people with no commercial size.

Beginners and professionals can use this method alike.

The basic kit includes a tool set with a tappe measure that has the special sizing scale attached, This sizing scale is essential for drafting the sewing patterns. There phtotos and written step by step instructions in the kit that explain how to work with the Lutterloh System. The basic fashion collection includes 280 models and their corresponding pattern designs. Some pattern pieces like collars, sleeves etc. can be exchanged thus allowing the user to design their own fashions.

The Luterloh System was invented in 1935 in Germany and is currently offered in 17 languages.

More information and an instuction video can be found on this web-site:

The address of the national distributor in the United States is:

Fashion Unlimited, Inc.
10140 Vanderbilt Drive
Naples, FL 34108
Phone: 239-598-1834
Fax: 239-598-4687

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