As is often the case, it is my clients that give me ideas of what to write about in these articles. Yesterday, in a healing session with a client on my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment programme, he was telling me about some of the changes he has noticed:

- Not having to rest every time he goes up the stairs
- Being able to tie his shoe laces without sitting down
- Being more positive
- Being more reliable with friends and family ie sticking to commitments
- Without planning or intending it, realising that he is doing more each day

Another client was telling me about taking the time to eat properly, noticing "destructive" thoughts and just letting them pass without attaching to them or acting on them, and being present and loving with her dog. Someone else told me about washing up "on time", tidying up round the house and spending less time on the internet idly surfing.

These may seem like small things - and actually of course in a way they are. But I believe these small "victories" are little milestones on a healing journey. And they reinforce eachother: things like eating better, tidying up round the house, or being more reliable with friends are positive reinforcements to our cells and energy systems. And this leads to more positivity and positive change: a virtuous spiral, as I like to call it!

And as I stop to reflect on it, this was exactly my experience of healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It wasn't at all the case (as I may have imagined!) that I woke up one morning and found I was mysteriously and happily cured! More, it was a series of small and increasing milestones. Being able to see friends for longer, being able to listen to music a bit more, being able to walk back from the shops with my fruit and vegetables in my rucksack.

And then, what happened as these small "victories" gradually accumulated and reinforced eachother: I realised my attitude towards myself and my condition had changed. I no longer saw myself as a hopeless victim, and I could see that healing and positive change were possible - not only were they possible, they had happened to me, and I could see the possibility for more of it!

I remember having a phone conversation with another client with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who said (completely unplanned and spontaneously) "when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome... ". The little things had built up to such a great extent that she had changed her view of herself as someone with this debilitating illness.

And new scientific research is showing that when we change our views and beliefs, our physiology literally changes in line with those new beliefs. So, no longer seeing herself as someone with this illness was also giving a powerful message of healing to this woman's body and mind. You can read more about this fascinating subject in the work of Bruce Lipton.

Investigating beliefs around health and illness, working on them with the Emotional beliefs are all key to the work I do with clients. Combining this with work that "clears" past traumas from deep within the cells of the body, and work on nutrition can lead to profound healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Author's Bio: 

Fiona Cutts is an energy healer who specialises in working with clients suffering from ME. You can see more about her work with people struggling with this debilitating condition at She has herself recovered from ME using a combination of energy healing, the Emotional Freedom Technique, nutrition, graduated exercise, meditation, chi kung and dance. She is an Integrated Energy Healing, in the tradition of Barbara Brennan, an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and a reiki practitioner. You can read more about her and the way she works with people suffering from ME at