The process of goal setting can have a positive influence on your self esteem. Yes, it’s true. From business people to philosophers, we’ve seen and heard of people whose self image has vastly improve once they’ve started to work towards a goal. So what is goal setting? Goal setting is a method used to help motivate your performance while trying to achieve something you want. For example, your goal may be to save for a vacation. You might proceed to make a plan in order to save for the vacation. Goal setting can help you by:

• keep focused and motivated
• to believe in your abilities and feel in control of your density
• have a sense of achievement
• shape and update how you look at your self
• be enthusiastic and perform positively

The contestants on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” demonstrate my point perfectly. Most of us know what the show is about. The contestants go on the show with the intention to lose weight. It’s becomes apparent that many of the contestants display issues of no confidence and/or low self esteem. We can safely assume that their lack of self esteem is primarily due to their weight. Week by week, the coaches put the contestants through a number of group and individual challenges with the outcome focused on the contestants’ weight loss. As the pounds start to drop, you start to see a transformation in the way the contestants look at themselves.

Therefore, how can you use goal setting to enrich your self esteem? Firstly, write down your goals. Seeing your goals on paper will seal your commitment to the process. Secondly, create small steps to help achieve your goals. These steps will act as your guide and reference during the process. Lastly, schedule a realistic deadline to reach each goal. A deadline will help to keep you on track. Most importantly, give yourself credit by rewarding yourself even if it’s a small accomplishment. Each victory brings you closer to the ultimate prize; thereupon giving your self esteem a push in the right direction.

Author's Bio: 

As a Professional Life Coach, Bruno LoGreco has been providing life skills training since 2000 when he first began to apply his natural gifts for motivation and mentoring to helping others learn how to live happier and healthier lives. His education and the knowledge he fostered from his own personal quest for balance and healthy living, combined with his unique talent for connecting with people, helped him develop a powerful methodology that proved so successful that in 2006 he was able to walk away from a flourishing career with a Fortune 500 company to focus on Life Coaching full time.

The author of Stop Sabotaging Your Life – 3 Steps To Your Full Potential, Polishing the Diamond: A Guide to Self Confidence, among others, Bruno is constantly bringing his positive and thought-provoking messages to the global community.