Pressure ulcers or bedsores are a big problem that increases the sufferings of the patients multifold. Apart from fighting against ulcers & bedsores, they have to endure the discomfort and pain caused by the disease also. Fortunately, patients can get the relief by specially designed beds for bedsores, mattresses and Cushions.

What are Pressure Ulcers?
Prolonged contact with the surface of the bed or chair pressurises the body parts of the patients. Oxygen supply is affected and the skin starts getting damaged. Where there is more pressure, there occurs pressure ulcers or commonly known as bed sores.

Why they pressure ulcer or bedsores occur?
The main culprits are limited mobility, ageing skin and restricted blood supply. Apart from these, decreased sensation causing immobility, poor nutrition, circulatory problems, shearing of the skin and blood vessels are the other factors that involve in the formation of pressure ulcers. The skin shears due to moisture on the bed or bed sheets because of sweating causes the skin to become too soft that leads to bedsores.

Why to use Pressure Cushions?
Pressure cushions are specially designed to relieve the pressure from the body parts and to maintain a continuous flow of blood in the body. Low tech pressure cushions provide relief to the patients suffering from low or medium level of pressure ulcers. High tech pressure relieving cushions are for those who suffered with high severity of pressure ulcers. These mattresses or cushions are designed for constant flow of air to reduce pressure and to keep the body fresh.

Benefits of Pressure Relieving Cushions:

● The top surface of these cushions allows the pressure to get released from the ischium so that the patient will feel comfortable.
● They are designed with cross cut channels to help increase in air flow and to decrease the moisture level.
● The material is CMHR foam, two way stretchable and vapour permeable.
● The high tech pressure cushions are durable, stable and firm to provide a strong base for overweight patients.
● They are 100% anti-bacterial, waterproof and fire retardant.
● It is easy to clean these cushions with removable zip cover.

How important they are?
Pressure ulcers are the major concern for the people in health care industry. Especially caretakers of the patients and nurses are constantly fighting with them either to prevent or to treat them. These pressure ulcers may turn into serious complications ultimately leading to the death of the patient. Moreover, the sufferings of the patient due to these pressure ulcers are beyond tolerance. In this scenario, pressure relieving cushions play an important role towards comfort and relief of the patient.

Though there are much advanced pressure relieving devices with memory foams that control the temperature and pressure according to the patient’s requirement, researches are still going on to further enhance the effectiveness.

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