It is hard for everybody to live in a different society which couldn’t provide him/her a effective and helpful inter-personal relationship. It can be regarded as a bitter torture when you try your best to adopt a stronger atmosphere but finally fail to achieve it. See? Interpersonal relationship is very essential for everyone!

Sometimes, it is your personality but your intellect to decide your social position, sometimes, it is your close amigo but yourself making your career work smoothly. thus we can see the people like you guys would like to try your best to make yourselves to assimilated into this complex society, yup, you living in a society which consist of different social factors, but no matter you are the poor or the rich, the officials or the common people, on one could isolate themselves from the others. This is the purpose I writing this article; I do hope that all of you could handle how to preserve the good relationship with your friend.

Building a good relationship with the others doesn’t means that all your impulsive have to generate form the purpose of personal beneficial, on the opposite, the true friends are always the people who would like to resolve the big problem for you and go though the tough and cold time with you . The teams Like Engels to Max are the mightiest power in this world, and the friend just like Engels to Max should be place on the core of your relationship circle.

Let me tell you a story, my friend Shelly is a salesman who specifically sell mp3 players and headphones, but at the very beginning of his career, he found it is kind of embossing at the time he introducing his consumers that how his mp3 player functionally work. As a matter of fact, he was ever to be an excellent students who majors in electricity at a top university, so he convinced that the advantage of his major should be the hook for his marketing, absolutely he would like to make good use of the major knowledge showing in front of his consumers how professional and intellectual he is. But the things turns out that although his knowledge is more profound than the others, but it often happens that his consumers didn’t buy his viewpoint and even rejected to purchase the commodity form him again and again,. He involved himself into a kind of tough situation sometimes selling nothing in whole week.

At that time, he just was a guy who graduates his college for one year; he had no idea about the making knowledge and the skill of communication. He deals with everything depending on pure student logic. But you know what, marketing itself is a complex field which requires the good personal relationship than other field, the winners are always the ones who acknowledge the essence of the human nature. Obviously my friend Shelly is the one who lack of social knowledge. How he go through the cold and tough time in his career? How he effectively tackles his personal problem and drives himself to communicate with the others effectively?

(To be continued)

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Top mp3 players and the headphones, which ones would be the hot cake on the market? I am a student major in marketing, and in this winter holiday, I am going to set up an online store to test my practical marketing skill. Should the top mp3 players be the target commodity of my store ?