I want to talk to you about acne and how to treat it using oil of oregano. Oil of oregano contains some active constituents that have been proven to kill certain viruses, bacteria and even the fungi that can kill certain yeast infections like Candida and other microorganisms. Oil of oregano acts like a natural antibiotic and this is especially true for the type of oil of oregano known as the P73 wild oregano blend, which is the one that I use and recommend.
I’ve used oil of oregano in patients who were experiencing issues with acne with pretty good results, in most cases because it kills the acne bacteria. When acne is present, certain hormones are released, especially through puberty and sometimes even later in adult life. The hormones create an increase in activity as the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum, which can clog-up the pores. When the pores are clogged, bacteria can then produce an infection at that site leading to acne-type lesions.
Drug companies have come up with the drug Accutane in an attempt to alleviate acne. Accutane shrinks the skin’s sebaceous glands so they will no longer secrete as much sebum, performing the in the same way that having high amounts of Vitamin A does in your body. However, both Acutane and high levels of Vitamin A are extremely toxic to our bodies. Acutane could be described as a sort of Vitamin A look-alike drug, unfortunately with possibly some of the same toxic side-effects – liver damage, skin peeling, changes in cholesterol and triglycerite levels – and a host of other undesirable side-effects. I’m not crazy about people using Acutane, especially teenagers.
Before this, doctors would prescribe antibiotics which worked to clear up the lesions in many cases, but you can’t just keep using antibiotics over and over again; you can end up developing strains of bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. As a result, if you really did need an antibiotic, it very possibly would no longer work for you.
This is why oil of oregano is such a great alternative. It really should be the first plan of defense to see if it helps. The active constituents in oil of oregano that have been shown to kill viruses and bacteria, etc., are these volatile oils called thymol and carvacrol. These natural killing agents are right inside of the oil of oregano. I use the 250 mg. capsules of the P73 wild oregano blend. When treating acne, I ask the patient to take 4 capsules twice a day until I see a signficiant change and then I reduce the total dosage down. I also have them apply the oil of oregano cream every night to kill the surface bacteria, as well.
Dietary advice also makes sense. Some doctors will argue about this, but I believe it’s valuable. Following these guidelines seems to help, too –
-Fewer refined sugars
-Less animal fat
-Fewer trans fats, like commercial peanut butter, shortenings and margarines
-Avoiding fried foods as much as possible
-Stay away from heavily salted foods
-Avoid chocolate products and others containing coco butter
There is some additional advice at my website, Meschino Health that will help you deal with acne. But right now, I want you to understand the value of oil of oregano because it’s the one thing that can kill the acne bacteria. Download my eBook called, Oil of Oregano; Nature’s Antibiotic, and go through it. it will show you exactly how to source the right oregano, which doses to use and which other nutrients you would use with oregano to increase efficacy. It’s available right here. I suggest you download the eBook right away.
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My research review papers and my teaching materials that are available there have all the scientific references included to make sure you’re getting only sound, scientific evidence-based information on any health topic you’re searching for.
Make sure that you’re using the MeschinoHealth website as an ongoing and reliable resource for health and wellness information for both you and your family members. Thanks so much for your time.

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