The typical school curriculum requires students to be taught according to a rigid set of common core state standards. A huge part of any educator's job is to make sure that each and every student meets or exceeds those standards. Standardized tests are typically given at each grade level to assess the overall performance of a school's students. One subject that is often tricky is math. While the standards that are involved with math are usually clearly defined, it isn't always easy to get every single student up to speed. These days, many educators are turning to online math games to help students who are struggling to meet these rigorous standards. Results have been overwhelmingly positive. Read below to learn how these games help.

Adaptive Learning to Keep Students from Slipping through the Cracks
Not all online math games will help students meet or exceed common core state standards. An important thing to look for is adaptive learning characteristics. This refers to a game that adapts to suit the individual needs of each child. This type of game analyzes a child's strengths and weaknesses and adapts itself accordingly. If a student is experiencing difficulties with one of the standards, the game will adapt to zero in on the issue. Many times, a small amount of extra attention on the right problem can make a major difference and bring a child up to speed.

Understanding Common Core State Standards
There are four main components involved in common core state standards: operations and algebraic thinking, comparing, counting and cardinality and operations in base ten. The standardized tests that are administered by the state are designed to assess whether or not children are being educated according to these standards. Due to large classroom sizes and limited funds, however, many teachers struggle to provide the type of one-on-one attention that is usually needed to help struggling students. Online math games can help to fill in the gap in a very effective way. The fact that kids actually enjoy them is a definite bonus.

Progress Reports
Another thing to look for in online math games is reporting. The best games will generate reports that teachers can use to keep track of each student's progress. By using these reports, a teacher can determine which students are struggling with important standards (common core state standards ) . While these games can help a great deal, the teacher can also provide extra guidance to a struggling student to increase his odds of success. These reports are indispensable parts of the best online math games, and they can go a very long way towards ensuring that every student is performing at optimal levels.

When used in conjunction with a proper curriculum and exceptional teaching, online math games can make a major difference in student performance and success. One of the best measures of that success is whether or not a classroom meets and exceeds the common core state standards that apply to its grade level. It can be stressful for a teacher to try to keep this all under control on her own, and these games provide a very welcome additional level of support. Teachers like these games because they help to assess and educate students according to their own capabilities; students like these games because they are actually fun. It's a true win-win situation.

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