There is a cultural myth that is very prevalent these days is that video games negatively influence children by promoting violence and addictive behavior. Many people consider these games as unethical as they think that these games are violent in nature. Video games are often blamed anti-social, as blood sheds and violence are the subject matters of most of the video games. However, many psychologists, scientists and leading child experts believe that there are positive video game effects on children, and can promote high-level thinking. With the advancement of technology, the world is becoming more and more visually interactive.

Many children are turning to video games and interactive entertainment for the bulk of their information and entertainment needs. As with the advancement of technology the video games are becoming more realistic, broadband networking is making it possible to have millions of people interacting with each other in real time. The time has come for the educators to evaluate the positive impact of these games on child development and to implement these for study purposes.

While playing video games, the player becomes an active participant in the game. As a player, the child identifies the self with some character of the game and starts act for it. It has a positive impact on the player as it excites the player. Watching television is an ideal task as it doesn’t involve the viewer, on the other hand video games is more interactive. Video games help children build self-confidence. When a player wins a particular game, the player considers the self to be a winner and this boost up the player’s self-confidence.

This influences them to take part in real life games in a more enthusiastic manner. As these games engage our visionary senses and motor skills, it helps developing hand-eye coordination. Playing video games with parents nurtures the parent-child relation. Children feel that their parents are very much concerned about their interests and thus start sharing their life with them. Video games give a channel to drain out negative emotions that a particular man possesses. Feelings like anger and frustration get a platform to come forth by the way of these games.

Treasure hunting games help children sharp their logical thinking as they start thinking by which way the treasures can be found. As video games are the outcomes of modern technology, so these make the children more tech savvy. Children are exposed to modernized technology by means of these games. Lucid thinking skills are developed among children who play these games. While playing game children try to find out new ways by which they can win the games. But parents should be conscious enough and should observe keenly what type of video games the children are playing. Children should be refrained from playing violent games as these may have negative impact on their psychology. As a child we need a helping hand from our parents so that we can direct our lives in a right path. The positive or negative impact of these games ultimately lies on how we take these and how our children interpret the meaning of these games.

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