As we all know that marketing strategies are the real deal breaker and maker in the success story of any product or service. That is why, marketing department is considered as the most important part of any organization. They have the pressure to create new and unique marketing strategies and to make necessary reforms in the already used tactics to get the competitive edge over their counterparts. One such marketing strategy is trade shows. These are one of the oldest marketing tactics where you have the chance to influence the decision of buyers. If you are into home electronics trade shows are your master stroke to showcase the innovative appliances.
But before registering yourself with any trade shows, there are several things that should be known to you before paying the amount. Otherwise it can lead to disaster and the money utilized would be complete waste. So, in this post, we have listed a few questions that you must ask from the organizers pertaining to the venue and facilities available.

#1 What kind of technological facilities would be available at the venue?
Now more and more trade shows are offering technological facilities like Wi-Fi, several charging ports exclusively for each booth, projector screens etc. So before reserving the booth, ask the organizers if they are offering all the above facilities and would there be a Wi-Fi hotspot exclusively for the booth. With these kind of facilities, you can showcase your true potential.

#2 Would there by social media engagement for the trade show?
These days social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are laying a critical role in advertising any event. Ask the organizers what kind of social media marketing strategies they would be using as more the involvement of social media, better the results are going to be due to increased customer participation. You can enquire if they are using any mobile app for the same. In this way, you can link your company’s social media profiles with that of event and extend the invitation to your clientele.

#3 Are there any sponsorships available?
Usually, such trade shows have big MNCs as their sponsors. So, you can ask about sponsorships without any hesitation. You can encash this opportunity by providing Wi-Fi facility, seating arrangements or free refreshments. It is another form of marketing as your company’s name would be associated with all the companies that would use your sponsored facility.

#4 Would there be any help available for installation?
There are certain venues that also provide booth installation assistance. You should ask the organizers if there would be staff to assist you with the lighting, electronic setups and the overall setup of the booth. Usually all this is included in the registration fees. You should know all this beforehand, so that you can bring your own staff if there is no such assistance.
With clear answers to all the above questions, you are ready to go exhibit your home electronics in trade show. If you are exhibiting your products for the first time, then Canadian Wireless Trade Show is your best bet. You can visit their website for more information.

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This important annual b2b show is canada’s mobile & Wireless trade show, gathering together 100 exhibitors and approximately 2,000 high quality attendees.