Service design is a field that is growing in importance. It ensures that products and services are created and marketed with the interests of the end user in mind. This enables companies to forge ahead of their competitors even if the market is very difficult to operate in. Service designers these days are attempting to design products and services with a view to environmental sustainability. This is only to be expected, given that customers tend to make a lot more green choices today than before.

Service design for environmental sustainability generally covers the following three areas:

1. Improvement in quality: There are certain products that drastically improve in quality when they are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. For instance, organically grown foods are known to be far better for health than ordinary foods. Similarly, organic skincare products or cosmetics are also better for the skin than the usual mass produced ones.

2. Cost savings: Many people who would generally not be willing to do something for the environment would consider buying a green product if it will help them save money. Expensive CFL bulbs are a good example of these products.

3. Improved image: There are plenty of people who know the social value of going green. They like to be associated with certain green products because this improves their standing in society.

There are many different ways in which service design can be used to make a product environmentally sustainable. Take packaging, for instance. Customers are happy to buy products that are packed in an efficient manner using recycled or recyclable materials. There is growing distaste regarding the use of excessive amounts of paper or plastic when packing materials. The product should also be manufactured in a manner that results in as little damage to the environment as possible. Another aspect of environmental friendliness is the use of materials that are considered green.

However, it has to be noted that customers will rarely buy a product that does not give them any perceivable benefit. Companies that hire service designers to change their product or service in order to make it greener should also launch a marketing campaign to let customers know about these changes. If this is not done then it is unlikely that the changes will translate into increased business.

It certainly makes good sense to hire a service design firm to tweak a company’s product. If it is done in the correct manner then it will result in increased business for the company.

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