Lanai is beautifully situated in the Hawaiian Islands. These islands are a territory of the United States of America, and are a well know destination for many people around the world. Hawaii is known for its pristine waters, beaches, and favourable climate. Lanai is an Island for tourists who want to enjoy an adventurous but relaxed holiday, and/or for adventure seekers, honeymooners and more!

For this reason there are many hotels located in Lanai, Hawaii, but there are far less more beautiful hotels in Lanai. Hotels on Lanai, just as those on other Hawaiian Islands are class hotels that offer the best customer service, and accommodations…they are just exceptional, as they are integrated with modern facilities such as car and boat rentals, golf-courses and catered events.

Lanai hotels are staffed with exceptionally trained in hoteling, and overall customer service. You will be treated warmly and be given the utmost attention from all the staff members, giving you more reason to come again and again to Hotel Lanai and bring some friends.

Hotel Lanai

One great man, named Mr. James Dole, built hotel lanai in the 1920’s. Mr Dole modelled the Hotel Lanai after a bed and breakfast theme for the executives who worked for the Dole Plantation. Hotel Lanai has an incredibly rich history, including being the 1st ever hotel to be built on the Lanai Island and stayed that way as the only hotel until 1990.

James Dole built his hotel around a theme in which the customers staying in the hotel were given a warm, family-like welcome, similar to that of an inn in the south. The current owner of the hotel continues to keep the tradition alive and well. The owner had refurbished the rooms and added a decadent and delicious restaurant that is world class.

Hotel Lanai also has packages where guests are taken from the hotel and to the most tropical part of the island to try out many activitiesincluding…snorkelling, golfing, hiking, and horseback riding. There are even around art galleries that let you learn a little about the local culture and about hotels on lanai.

Hotels on Lanai

Some of the most popular and sought after hotels on Lanai offer a great number of features that are included in specific packages that customers/guests choose from. There are countless, amazing activities and amenities that you will should not miss when you visit hotels located on Lanai Island, including:

1. One of a kind spas with different themes to suit the guests’ needs
2. Fitness Centers for the people who can’t go a day or two without a work out
3. Swimming Pools and golf courses that would put a smile on a PGA Tour golfers face

Lanai Accommodations

Hotels such as the Hotel Lanai offer world-class accommodation, this does not mean that you will lack hotels, but you will lack hotels of this standard. If you plan on staying at hotels in Lanai, then look no further than Hotel Lanai!

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