Shaving is part of every man’s life which is why finding the best razor seem to be a puzzle for some. In case you want to know some brands that are mostly preferred, you can always check out what Panasonic ES-LA93-K and Norelco 1250x since these are mostly recommended. To make sure that you get the best razor, here are the different types of shavers for you to choose from:

Disposable Razors - these are the most common types and not to mention the most affordable ones you can find in the market today. These are very lightweight kinds of shavers and that you can find in most convenient stores. This is perfect for people who are always on the go or those who travel a lot. Make sure that you throw it away after a few uses since the blade would usually get dull.

Electric Razors – this type of razor is a lot more expensive although they could last a long time. This is easy to use and would usually come with a price depending on the brand. These types of razors provide advantages but there are also some disadvantages such as men complain to have skin irritation when using this specific type.

Double Edge Razors - this is mostly preferred by hairy men since it provides close shave and does not pose much skin irritation. These shavers come with permanent handles and have replaceable razor blades so when it gets dull, you can always change it for precise shaving. Make sure that you use it lightly and do not apply much pressure to avoid skin irritation.

Multi-Blade Cartridge Razors - this comes with plastic cartridge that could hold three- five stainless steel razor blades that provide precise shaving experience. You can easily replace the cartridge if needed. Multi-blade cartridge units are a lot better than the disposable ones although these are a lot more expensive. They also come with different handles and styles and are very easy to clean. You also get to pick different colors depending on your preference.

Straight Razors - these are commonly used in the old days although you could still find these types of shaving paraphernalia in most barbershops even today. These literally could last forever since you can always sharpen it if it gets dull. These are the sharpest types of razors which mean that you just have to be extra careful when using it.

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These are the different types of razors that you could find in the market these days. There are also different brands for you to choose from and among the popular ones are Panasonic ES-LA93 and Philips Norelco 1250. Make sure to pick the ones that you are comfortable with so you would always have that clean shaven face. With the different types of shaving devices provided, you can certainly find the ones that would work well for you.