The Law of Attraction, I have been teaching that and using it for over 20 years, long before “The Secret” came out. It is based on ‘sympathetic vibration‘ and anything that disrupts this flow of energy will cause the flow to stop. The point is, you need to have clarity in order to be able to be connected with the flow of The Law of Attraction “activities”.

Here is something that may give you the incentive to take a closer look at this. Many of you have attempted to use The Law of Attraction to gain your goals, and failed. So therefore you question it, or even proclaim that it doesn’t work, or that it’s a fraud.
The Law of Attraction Example

For example, if you are an archer your objective is to hit the bull’s eye however, if something disrupts your concentration then your objective will never be achieved. Even if you continue to shoot arrows and be accurate, you still develop and strengthen a belief that you cannot and never will be able to hit the target because you are distracted. You have put so much effort on aiming the bull’s eye, you even prepared for your success however you have a bit of doubt in your system that this isn’t gonna work.

The good news is, you can correct the problem because you alone created it to begin with. Don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. You just didn’t know and you have just now found out. You should not be depressed as depression may pull your energy off on using The Law of Attraction. If you are acting right away on your failure then everything else will pull you down. Your BELIEF is paramount! Even when you believe consciously, if your subconscious hasn’t bought in, then it won’t happen. So now we have covered a few of the things you need to pay attention to with regards of activating The Law of Attraction and having success with it.
The Law of Attraction on Lucky Persons

Have you ever known someone who is lucky and always lands on their feet? Observe this “lucky person”, you may notice that they know and expect nothing else. Things always fall right for them because they believe that they are lucky and claim it.

They are strengthened time and again by things always going the right way for them because they are using The Law of Attraction.

In our archer’s example above, you also have these beliefs – they just happen to be in the opposite direction.

Many of you have attempted to use the The Law of Attraction to gain your goals, and failed. Therefore you question it, or even proclaim that it doesn’t work or that it’s a fraud. However, you need to ask yourself – is it because The Law of Attraction doesn’t really work or because you have disrupted the flow, right from the beginning?

If you have done all the things they said to do and you still didn’t get results from The Law of Attraction, as you have already vested allot of time and energy to make it work. Brain Management and Mental Photography can give you a huge leg-up to gain the techniques and the understanding of what it takes to make the Secret work for you.
Remember: The flow of energy should not be disrupted or else your negative beliefs may be strengthened that The Law of Attraction failed you.

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