vastu-science: western countries

The science of Vastushastra originated and developed in Asia over more than 2000 years ago. Vastushastra was developed according to the human needs and necessities of the South Asian people living in that period of time. It is also known as Sthapatya –Shastra. The principles of this ancient science lie within nature and all such governing forces. Therefore as centuries passed, this science, with rectification and additions arrived to help mankind with new guidelines. Life style has changed, yet nature continues to rule life, due to its tremendous power. This is backed by the system developed by the creator of the universe.

Vastu defines any form of a real estate property. It can be a piece of land or any type of building on it; it can range from a swimming pool to a town. Proper orientation and planning of the property to attain maximum benefit of a well balanced solar, cosmic and all other natural as well as human controlled energies is called VASTU–SHASTRA. Vastu-shastra also describes ways to get protection from negative energies.

As a doctor advises you to adjust a balanced diet, drink clean water and breath fresh
air to maintain good health, Vastu Science – The Edifice Science advises you to reside in a house built on a land, location and direction suitable to the composition of your body for a healthy life. Vastu Science is a science involving buildings, constructions and a mystic power.

Feng Shui contains similar basic principles to Vastu Science, however Vastu as Science has been popular in India and other neighboring countries and was developed according to the geography and social life of India, and Feng Shui was developed for China and spread towards further east.

Every science is confined to the place, time and person. Accordingly, certain alterations and modifications related to the present life style and also the place of the building are necessary there in. There are many similarities between Feng Shui and Vastu Science. Vastu Science is based greatly under the religious influence. Vastu Science associating Indian deities and devotional power was presented before the people to make it easy for them to understand and also to make it a part of the traditions. While Feng Shui system contains all-similar rules but they are highly associated with the nature. Feng shui talks about Chi & yang energies. We will use regular & easily understandable name of energies.

A building is not merely made of stones, brick, concrete or wood; rather it is made of human interactions as well. It is necessary for human beings to have pleasant relations with the invisible, infinite and incomprehensive forces of the natural environment by giving a proper place to the five basic elements of nature in the structure; the earth, the water, the wind, the fire and the spirit (The life element ).
Each person varies in the composition of these elements. Some have more fire, hence they are aggressive and angry, some have more earth, and therefore they are lazy and slow… Thus taking the surroundings and proper proportions and places for these elements into consideration, the sages and seers introduced Vastushastra.

The other energies such as sunrays, Magnetic fields, Cosmic rays and many other forms of energy that we don’t even know about the controlling power of the nature and human life. It is necessary for human beings to have friendly relations with them by making the appropriate connection, position and involvement in our day-to-day life. The perfect match between a property and the human living in it becomes very important.

When you enter any building, you might have noticed that for some reason, you like or dislike the place. You may also experience change in your breathing rate. The main reason for this may be the structure of the building, which is influenced by the natural forces and rays, or how the environment development in the building has affected the balance of the five basic elements of nature in your body. As we spend more of our time in that environment, inside the building; you should have harmonically matched with the property and the building.

So, this very ancient science, in existent since the Vedas times, is developed with a view to safeguard the human body, wealth and prosperity from the negative (evil forces) present in the environment. Human and nature are the most important elements on the earth. All the happenings in the nature knowingly or unknowingly affect the human life. In the past, people did not easily follow the scientific viewpoints; compared to the modern times. The percentage of people who believed in God was much larger in the ancient times. Therefore most issues and ideas in Vastushastra were presented under the name of God and Devil with some form of legendary story or symbolism.

A similar science namely Feng Shui is very popular in China, Hong-Kong, Japan and other Asian countries. In the Indian Vastushastra, almost everything is associated to a respective Deity, while in Feng Shui natural forces and different energies are directly explained in their original status.

To review a few facts: Our normal breathing rate changes when we enter any property; it is very easy to experience this. If the rate of breathing increases when we enter a building or property, it is because the body automatically shields from “devilish” elements present there. Most probably it is because of some fault in the structure. The Sunrays are one of the most important energy factors of nature. It is necessary that the morning Sunrays fall on our property, so says Vastu. There should be no obstructions on the Northeast side of the Vastu. These rays are soaked by water to a large extent. Therefore, it is necessary to have water in the northeast, but not a toilet. Otherwise the healthy and auspicious flow of energy coming in the form of rays becomes contaminated, resulting in a loss instead of benefit. Here we must not fail to notice the importance of cross –ventilation.

One more important power is the Magnetic field of the north and south poles. These powers remain in existence even at nighttime. Its effect is at pick during the time we are asleep, as we remain in the same position/direction for a long time. In our body, the head is north and the legs, south. So, if we sleep with our head towards north, the repulsive effects of the magnetic power cause changes balance of iron in the blood and as a result you can’t have a sound sleep. The conscious mind remains partially awake, which leads to dreams.

Remember that even though the basic principles remain unchanged, same rules never apply to different form of Vastu. Some of the rules may vary depending upon the type of Vastu and use of the Vastu. In other words, you can’t apply the same planning rules for a warehouse to an office.

All the contemporary rules of the land are applicable to the science of the Vedic era but minor changes in them are required. In order to make them infinite, the Hindu religions has always insisted upon maintaining the social class system, ban on sea voyages and maintain the fundamental traditions. These regulations are removed in today’s age, therefore, relevant alterations have been necessary.

As we understand that the basic principles of both Vastu Science and Feng Shui are same; both also pay great attention to the five elements of the universe and the human body, their replica and the effect of the earthly and cosmic powers on the human life. These sciences guide human beings to settle and create their abode harmonizing with environment, allowing them to comprise the maximum benefit of the natural powers in the human development. This science provides guidance for all types of buildings including residence, business, factories, offices, etc.

By following the principles of Vastu science, we will be using more and more natural energies and hence will save not only on energy bills but also protects our planet “Mother Earth.”

By modifying for the location, construction and culture the same basic principles of Vastushastra & Feng Shui the Science of Vastu can be applied to any part of the world.

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The founder of Astroscope , Hindusvision, Jalendu Vaidya is a civil engineer by profession and a Writer, Astrologer ; Vastu science expert by hobby. Mr. Vaidya, a Hindu, a Brahmin, went to engineering college for study as he continued to expand his general knowledge in various field. Astrological knowledge came as a blessing and after examining thousands of horoscopes, he decided to serve the society for its well being. In 1998, he came across Vastushastra.;His civil engineering education, knowledge of astrology and technical background allowed to understand and relate to the principles of Vastu Science. After studying Chinese Feng Shui, he started analyzing the application of same science for western construction. Once going into depth, Mr. Vaidya developed the Vastu Science, a science of energies and command of spirit, the same historical facts of East for the modern western planning and construction of buildings to match western style life. As he learned, explored more of Vastu Science, he began to expand the knowledge of this science himself. His articles were published in newspapers and magazines, but finally he decided to compose them in form of a book. While his seminars and presentations have helped many home owners. On the other hand, he wrote his first book ;Purva Janan, a collection of short stories in his native language “Gujarati” during his college life. He started his novel “Tersu a little later on along with poetry writing. Recently Tersu was translated into English and Hindi His stories in the Game of 10% were written later on in his life, these are based on true stories.You will see all his work on this web site. He also organizes a Vedic Yagna-pooja every year.The selection of yagnas depend on the star position for that year and how these ceremonies will assist the general public to continue their life in peace and happiness. His goal is to use his knowledge to help the society for a happier and prosperous life.