The Ka Huna Hawaiian massage is a very special massage procedure that used to be carried out by the high priests of the ancient Hawaiian temples. In the past, this massage style was used only for royalty. However, things have changed nowadays, with the Ka Huna Hawaiian massage becoming widely available. The experience is said to be a complete one, since this Hawaiian massage therapy relies on natural healing and combines emotional connectivity with various massage strokes.

The Kahuna bodywork has been traditionally passed from one generation to another. Practicing this type of massage therapy requires a good coordination of the mind, emotions and the body. This requirement stems from the beliefs of the Hawaii natives, who claimed that love, compassion and spirituality have an important role in this type of therapy. For those who might not know it, this type of Hawaiian massage is deeply embedded into the local philosophy. A relevant example in this sense is the “Aloha” saying, which means “love”, "compassion", and “peace".

This Hawaiian massage can be described as a highly rhythmical massage that will resonate with your body and mind. The massage rhythm is commonly perceived as relaxing, since it works smoothly but deeply on the entire muscle system. The masseuse will perform continuous strokes along the patient’s body. In the Ka Huna therapy, it is common to use the fingers, forearm, and palm of the hand in order to perform flowing movements on both sides of the patient’s body.

During the Hawaiian massage session, the therapist is likely to use larger amounts of oil than in the case of other types of massage. This is not unusual, because the flowing movements cannot be performed appropriately, unless the masseuse’s hands slide easily along your body. It is said that this massage style requires a lot of energy and great mental concentration from the practitioner. During the massage sessions, the therapist will "enlighten" your body and mind, in a bid to trigger the body's self healing ability. Once the process has been initiated, a chain reaction is produced, which will benefit the health of the body.

Apart from the advantages already mentioned, you should also know that the Ka Huna Hawaiian massage is free of any risks or side-effects, which cannot be said about other types of massage techniques. This type of Hawaiian bodywork is safe because only light to medium pressure is applied on the patients’ body.

The benefits of a Ka Huna Hawaiian massage will make themselves felt on an emotional and physical level. First of all, you will get rid of all the tension accumulated in your body. Next, your stress level will decrease and you will feel less fatigued. But the benefits do not end here. As previously mentioned, this massage therapy acts on an emotional level as well, by letting the body know that it is loved.In short, this holistic massage therapy will be a real epiphany for most of you. It will purify your mind, bring you inner peace and boost your energy. The Ka Huna Hawaiian massage will bring harmony into your soul and body, helping you perceive life at a whole different level.

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Ben Pianese is qualified in Ka Huna Hawaiian massage (diploma practitioner training) since 2003 and his the founder of Massaggi. His Ka Huna technique relax the body concentrating on stimulating the from foot to head delivering immediate result Massaggi offers excellent Ka Huna Hawaiian massage treatments in London. Visit our website to find out about our other treatments for body and soul.