As much as there are challenges you face in your marriage, it is still comforting to realize that there are solutions as well. Solutions as in 5 characteristics of a good marriage which were set in place well before you got married.

1. You And Your Spouse Are Over 20 When Marrying

Getting married over 20 instead of under 20 will significantly reduce
your chances of divorce.

This is because both of you are more mature about what what you want from each other, working and have more stable income.

2. You And Your Spouse Share The Same Beliefs

Having the same beliefs be it religion and what you want to do helps you both to share and co-ordinate with each other. It makes your marriage healthier and with more propose.

If you are both active in Christianity or other religion, you have immediate counseling and stronger support network from people
who genuinely want to help you through difficult times.

Also, your shared values and life goals help to sustain your marriage and enable you both to grow stronger than ever.

3. You Both Have Strong And Health Family Ties

If you and your spouse have strong and health family ties, your chances of divorce will also decrease as compared to couples from divorced families.

This is because much of what you see and do will be what you watch your parents did as children. If they have proven strategies for being together, you both will naturally apply them as married couple and even parents.

4. Your Combined Income Is Strong And Stable
If both of your income is strong and stable, say at least with $50,000 and above, most of your expenses will be well taken care of and you will not be arguing over what you should and should not do.

When you have children, you also will not have problems taking care of their needs.

5. You Have Children

If you have children, your chances of divorce will also be reduced as you realize the fact that your children need you both as their parents.

But even if you do not have yet, it is still very important to build a strong marriage foundation.

With that being said, these are the 5 characteristics of a good marriage.

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