There’s a bit of a misconception amongst women that men are attracted to them primarily by how they look. Granted, men certainly are visually orientated but there’s actually something deeper going on that turns a man’s attention towards a woman. If you think that when you slip on that little hot red number that it’s the dress that he’s looking at – you’re wrong. When a woman dresses in a manner that enhances all her best qualities and makes her feel sexy a magical thing begins to blossom within her. All of a sudden her self esteem, happiness and confidence rise to the surface, in other words, her inner light switches on and shines like a beacon for all men to see. What men are actually ‘seeing’ is how good she feels about herself and can’t help but be drawn in by the allure of it. If you’ve ever wondered what the magical quality is that French women seem to possess, it’s the fact that they stay grounded in their femininity by keeping their light on at all times!

Men have absolutely no resistance to a woman that is happy and feels good about herself, or put another way, a woman who is winning in her life. This is largely due to the fact that a man’s whole world is about whether or not their winning or losing. Ever wondered why men love sports so much? Because someone WINS at the end! Feeling successful in the world is a huge deal for a man and when they feel like a success around a woman it doesn’t get any better for him. Men want to play on the winning team, so being a ‘winning’ woman is a guarantee that any man will do a beeline towards you.

So what does a ‘winning’ woman look like? Well, part of it is feeling good about yourself and keeping your inner light on – regardless of whether or not you’re wearing the little red hot dress! The other part is knowing how to make a man feel good about himself when he’s around you. As I stated earlier, men are driven by winning and success and, unfortunately, don’t receive much verbal acknowledgement for their achievements out in the world. Men crave approval and when their around a woman who verbally acknowledges and appreciates them, the attraction factor goes way up!

If you want to have men notice you more, then simply start being an ‘approving’ woman! It doesn’t matter if you have a guy right now or not. You can practice this with a family member, coworker or any man who crosses your path. Any time any man does something for you that you like, just let him know you appreciated what he did for you. You don’t have to be way over the top – just a smile and a simple “thank you, I really appreciate you did that” will suffice. You will be absolutely amazed at how much a guy brightens up when this happens and – more often than not – will be inspired to want to do more for you!

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