“Just Send Them Love”

Right now we have lots of mean-spirited people in the world who are only looking for some kind of confrontation. Don’t go there… just send them love.

Take for instance the man you meet on the street who wants to argue with you about anything. He is really not interested in what the outcome is, his reality is full of anger and he wants to take it out on someone. But don’t go there, this is like jumping into a deep well to save someone and finding yourself trapped. You can hand them a ladder and tell them they can climb up out of the well… and with that process, they learn their own lessons. You might point them towards some books, or some movies, or anything else but to argue with them… it doesn’t do any good.

Unfortunately, right now we have lots of people who want to fight and argue with everyone. It’s all part of the process that we are in right now. Remove yourself from the confrontation and look at all of this from a third party perspective. Stand outside of yourself and ask the following “If I argue will it change anything”. Then decide on your own what to do, to argue, or to bless them and walk away.

Jesus did not argue with people and Buddha did not argue with people. They allowed everyone to be who they are in the here-and-now. Sooner or later they too will embrace love and not argue. These days, walking through the mall I’ve seen a lot of tee shirts that say, “I’m not arguing I’m just letting you know I’m right”. And for a lot of people, that’s very true, they are not interested in finding a middle ground or making life better for anyone— it’s me, me, me, all the way. Ego has taken over a large percentage of the population and thus there is nothing anyone can say to change them. Until they have some life-changing event take place that takes and they change from within.

At the same time, to express one’s point of view with love and to be willing to listen to all points of view is every important. But to argue for the sake of arguing does nothing. Let go of mental chatter… the more a person meditates the less reason they find to argue. Until one day, a great awakening takes place within and arguing makes no sense at all.

It’s so easy to be pulled into unending angry debates and confrontations. Pull back, see that this is not the way of love and God… love is the only answer, just send love them and walk away.

Dr. Paul Haider

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