1. Be respectful of her occupation. Never refer to what she does as “stripping”; the term to use for her is “stripper.” And she doesn’t work on a “strip club”; phrase it as a “club” or a “gentleman’s club.”

Additionally, “chump customers” want to ask her regarding her job, whether she enjoys it, what it’s love to be a stripper, etc. These sexy strippers do not want to be defined as strippers and these types of questions will bore them at best, and piss them them off at worst.

Instead, let her know (or imply) that you’ve dated dancers before-or have dancer friends-and demonstrate understanding of her career. Project the sense you are aware the game and it’s no big deal; she’s got a job to do, just like you do, and what’s important is that you’re both cool, interesting, unique people who are vibing together on a deep level.

2. Befriend the employees: bouncers, coat check, bus boys, DJs, managers, owner, etc. When you visit, personnel should know and greet you. This offers you high social value in the eyes of the dancers; you’re not a common customer.

The idea is, you’re accumulating your social network so that when you return, you’ll be welcomed by the staff. Once the sexy strippers observe this, you score major points-and they know you’re not a chump client for them to run their silly routines on.)

3. Don’t neglect, she’s presently there to earn money and the bosses expect her to hustle. (If you were flirting with a waitress at a restaurant, you wouldn’t expect her to sit down with you for a half-hour while clients are trying to order food.) Go on slow nights (or during slower shifts) when there aren’t chump customers vying for her attention.

You must never buy a dance right away, since this is “chump customer” behavior. Regarding whether you should ever buy a dance from her, the answer is, “it depends how you play it.”

Fundamentally, you’re going to buy a dance from her…but then ask her to take a seat half-way through the song to enable you to “critique” her performance. Funny stuff-and more behavior that frames you as an experienced player who doesn’t view her as an object of sexual fantasy, and recognizes her job in a manner that no “customer” does.

4. Work on the Same Night Lay whenever feasible. Most strippers I know will go somewhere in the evening to get something to eat, or have a few drinks and decompress. There are “stripper hangout spots” near the clubs where the girls go, but you might not know it because they are dressed very casually when they leave work. (When strippers are having a glass or two after work, or running errands the next day, they try to downplay their sexiness since they don’t want customer-type dudes constantly trying to talk to them.)

This program will disclose how to identify these “after-work spots” and work them into your strategy, so that you can easily line up dates with the strippers you meet at the clubs-and get them to come home with you that same night.

5. It might take a couple of visits for you to “close” the dancer you like (getting her number, or meeting her after her shift). If you’re not purchasing dances, and she has to go, encourage her to go make money: “I’ve got a bit of business to go handle and I can see there a lot of lonely guys in here who’d love to pay for your company-so I need to bounce, I’ll text you later about meeting at the spot so we can (fill in the blank).”

But she can’t leave work early. Strippers need to complete their shirts. So for now, make your exit in the same smooth, confident manner in which you entered.

You are aware that whether this strip club conversation winds up leading to sex tonight, or not, you are learning to be a master of the game and there are other hot strippers in that club, and millions outside of the doorway, that are waiting to meet a confident, charismatic, original Mack such as yourself.

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