Does your guy pulls you onto his chest.
While this dude may present himself as a tough guy, he's really a big softie. Okay so we have to pretend to be the tough guy girls. "By bringing you close to his heart, he's symbolically showing you that he's attached," explains communication expert Audrey Nelson, PhD, author of You Don't Say. "Holding you against a masculine part of his body — his chest — is also his way of letting you know he can protect you."

Does your guy spoons you.
Think about this snuggle position: curled up body-to-body, your bum pressed to his package, his hands free to roam around up front. Hello, definitely not PG-rated! "He's a really physical person who enjoys the feeling of your form against his, and he may have a high sex drive as well," says Nelson. "But while he truly enjoys the contact of cuddling, he might not be as comfortable expressing himself emotionally." Expect him to show you his affection with his gestures and actions, rather than with words. Okay I gotta say this is probably my fav.

Does your guy put his head in your lap.
If you're a woman who loves taking care of a guy, you've hit the jackpot. "Men who prefer this position tend to be a little needy in relationships — they look to their girlfriends to make them feel good about themselves," explains Peter A. Andersen, PhD, professor of communications at San Diego State University and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Body Language. "He's also comfortable with his emotions, very sensitive, and willing to share what's in his head." This dude wants to make you happy — he'll lavish you with erotic attention and make it his mission to help you reach ultimate bliss.

Does your guy throw an arm around you.
"Putting one arm around you is not a very intimate move," says Andersen. "It's sort of the bare minimum — he's doing the requisite cuddle, but without adjusting his position or comfort level at all." The good news: He recognizes that close contact is important to you and respects your needs enough to snuggle, even if it is just for your sake. At least he takes direction well when it comes to pleasing you, including sexually. Give him some guidance and he'll likely get it right from then on.

Its not that one is better than the other but it's our way of saying we care and we love you ! The simple element of toughing ( like holding hands) and having you close says a lot that words can't's to you and your love from Love U Site

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