You may find that certain foods can trigger or worsen your eczema. At the same time, there are other foods that can help improve on the condition of your ailing skin. Wheatgrass juice is a drink that you may wish to add to your eczema diet as it has been shown to be great for the skin.

Some experts say that toxins in the blood can cause some types of eczema. Since wheatgrass has been found to be good for purifying the blood, this means that drinking wheatgrass will help. In addition, wheatgrass is also known to balance the level of alkalinity of your blood. It is crucial for the acid/alkaline level to be restored for good health. When your body is too acidic, there is a high toxin build up and you tend to experience many bodily symptoms such as eczema, aches and pains and body odor problems.

Wheatgrass juice comes from wheat berries. They are grown and harvested in just seven days. Being pure wheat, it is highly fibrous. Thus, wheatgrass juice is also very helpful for those with chronic constipation. Wheatgrass has to be liquefied though, before it can be consumed.

Wheatgrass contain rich sources of chlorophyll, a substance that makes plants green. Several researches have shown that chlorophyll is very good agent in detoxifying the body. It cleanses your blood, as well as the intestines and other organs. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals and has become the drink of every nutrition buff.

If you want to use wheatgrass for healing eczema skin, then you will need to consume a respectable amount to derive good benefits. However, do note that you should not exceed about 4 ounces per day. Ideally, this amount should be spaced out throughout the day. If you drink too much wheatgrass at one shot or exceed this amount, the concern is that you may get stomach upsets or nausea. This is primarily because of the strong cleansing abilities of wheatgrass juice.

If you simply want to have a nice clear skin complexion, drinking wheatgrass every other day is an excellent idea. Take note that wheatgrass should be drunk on an empty stomach.

Including wheatgrass juice regularly to your eczema diet is a great idea. It is one of the many options that can help heal your eczema from the inside out. Wheatgrass juice also contains many essential enzymes. Enzymes help in cellular function as well as to strengthen your immune system. This helps your body put up a strong fight against the many allergens that worsens your eczema.

In order to get plenty of live enzymes for your eczema diet, it is best to have the wheatgrass juiced just before consumption. Either do this in your kitchen or go to a local health store that sells fresh wheatgrass juices.

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