When Andre Agassi won the cup and became the champion he was asked how he it feels like he replied saying:

"I have already won Wimbledon at least 10,000 times before"

People first laughed because they believed he was joking but when Andre explained that he had visualized himself winning the tournament thousands of times people realized the power of visualization.

Visualization is a very powerful tool that can help you reach your goals if you used it correctly. Lots of people confuse visualization with day dreaming, while the second is just a helpless attempt a desperate person makes to in order feel good about himself the first is a way that motivates the mind and ignites the passion towards reaching a certain goal.

How to use visualization to achieve your goals
Why do people become addicted to certain bad habits?
because they tried the habit more than once and liked it or liked the emotions associated with it

so if a person never managed to experience a certain habit then most probably he will never get addicted to it. Now what does this has to do with success and visualization?

If you never managed to taste the feelings you are going to experience when you achieve your goals then you will never become motivated to pursue them.

How do you want to fight for something for months or even years without having any idea about the reward or the feelings you will get after achieving it?

There comes the powerful role of visualization, by imagining how life would be like after achieving your goals you will become much more motivated to pursue them.

How to visualize your goals?
In order for visualization to be very effective you need to do the following:

* Visualize details: I heard that Agassi said that he visualized the Tshirt he was wearing when he won the tournament, the sounds of people cheering for him and the feeling he will get when he touches the cup. In short you need to visualize the slightest details in order to intensify the experience

* Visualize performance and final results: Don't just visualize yourself after achieving your goals but instead visualize yourself performing well then visualize the final result. The images that you construct during visualization acts as instructions sent to the brain, your mind will do its best to apply these instructions you are sending to it in a visual form

* Repetition is the key: The more you visualize your performance and dreams the more will your subconscious mind absorb them and the more likely will they turn into reality

In short, don't underestimate the power of visualization for it can do miracles

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