“Raising your vibration is a choice.
You are the master of your own light.
Within you lives this undeniable radiant beauty.
Awaken to your gifts and share them as was intended.”
~Ananda Anahata

Tip #1 Choose Optimal Fuel
The way we fuel our bodies deeply and radically affects the way we think, feel and behave. By improving our food choices we improve our overall health, stamina and happiness while shaping a new destiny for ourselves. The physical body thrives when fueled by the highest quality fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods provided to us by Mother Nature. Adding more live, organic plant foods full of sun energy, vitamins, enzymes and minerals reconnects us with our own vibrant natural state.

“I choose optimal fuel for this body because it provides me with the energy, clarity, creativity and longevity that I require in order to create magic on this planet.”

Tip #2 Cleanse & Purify the Physical Body
Periodic cleansing and fasting revitalizes the body enabling it to heal and recharge itself. Through the cleansing process, toxins from processed, cooked foods, chemicals and environmental impurities are released initiating the body’s own healing abilities. Our bodies were originally designed to handle periods of feast and famine and are very capable of thriving while fasting and cleansing. We may choose to fast from a certain substance such as dairy, meat, sugar, coffee, alcohol or solid foods. You may choose to fast from a substance for a weekend, fast one day a month on juices or do an intestinal cleanse once a year. Listen to your body.

“I cleanse and purify my body regularly because this vessel and the beautiful spirit thriving within it have a higher purpose.”

Tip #3 Mind the Mental Diet
We have the power to shape our reality and it starts with our internal view of the world. Our thoughts, speech and actions determine our reality and define our future. By shifting the quality of our thoughts from fear to faith, from criticism to compassion, from lack to abundance, from separateness to unity, from hate to love shifts our experience of the world. Listening to our internal dialogue and taking time to pause and reflect before acting gives us the opportunity to choose more wisely. Use powerfully worded daily affirmations to confirm your intentions for a vibrant, thriving life full of bliss, prosperity and love for yourself and others.

“I am mindful of the content that I feed my mind. I choose to use positive empowering language with regards to myself, others and my surroundings because my thoughts, speech and actions create the bliss that surrounds me.”

Tip #4 Clear the Emotional Body
Just as the physical body holds toxins and debris so does the emotional body. Pains from childhood, being socialized, relationship experiences, family dynamics, economic influences and sexual interactions are just a few of the sources for latent emotional holdings. These memories shape our views of life affecting the choices we make with regards to relationships, health, success and happiness. Emotions serve as a window into ourselves. Exploring these feelings and searching out their source, enables us to release any emotional debris that is inhibiting us from realizing our true potential and experiencing a peaceful, thriving life. Addressing emotional issues is a vital and necessary process of spiritual growth and personal transformation.

“I embrace the opportunity to look inward and shine a light where darkness resides in order for my true self to fully blossom.”

Tip #5 Connect to Higher Consciousness
It is when the mind is quiet and the body still that the real truth may be revealed. In this space we are primed to receive messages with regards to our purpose and how to proceed in manifesting our full potential. Our minds our like a turbulent body of water, only in the stillness can one’s reflection be seen. In this peaceful space one connects to a source of power and wisdom greater than the individual. Trusting the insights gleaned during meditation provides essential guidance and support along our journey.

According to Dr. Dean Ornish, “The benefits of meditation include expanded awareness, increased concentration, a quieter mind and the experience of transcendence, peace, joy and inner nourishment.”

“I create time and space for reflection and stillness in order for the truth to be revealed to me.”

Subtle improvements in each of these areas enhance the quality of life in the most amazingly joyful ways. Live, Laugh, Learn, Love and Let Go! Go Forth and SHINE!

Author's Bio: 

Kerrie Dancing Butterfly is a modern-day Shamaness who skillfully integrates the fields of self-empowerment, Shamanic teachings, emotional release, spiritual studies, meditation techniques and energy healing. She is sought after for her Transformational Empowerment Shamanic Healing Sessions, Personal Coaching, Inspirational Workshops and Sacred Ceremonies. Through her rich and diverse background, she combines the teachings of the masters with life experience and a personal touch to gently facilitate profound personal transformation and awakening. Learn more about Kerrie at www.JourneysfortheSoul.com and www.OneSpiritWeekend.com.