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Are you a nail biter? Well, you know that it’s really not a good idea, but you do it anyway. It’s because it has already turned into a habit.

Nail biting, well, damages the nails. They become chipped, and if the biting is severe, they may develop open wounds or infections.

If you want to ensure that you can stop yourself from doing it, then you need to read the following tips:

1. Determine triggers for nail biting. The truth is you don’t bite your nails for no reason. So you better go back to the times you bit your nails. What were the reasons? Were you tensed or nervous at something and you coped with the feeling by biting? Perhaps you were under extreme trauma, fear, and anxiety. Once you get to the main cause, it’s much easier for you to determine how to finally stop doing it.

2. Apply something nasty with your hands. Wean yourself by applying hand lotion, gel, alcohol, or anything into your hand. Surely the taste would deter you from biting. You may have to do it often, though, until you can eliminate the bad habit.

3. Pursue other activities with your hands. Use your hands for something else. You may sew, draw, paint, or cook. The more you keep your hands busy, the more you wouldn’t have the time to bite your nails. Moreover, you can keep your mind preoccupied. Before you know it, you are no longer thinking about biting your nails.

4. Do something productive. You also don’t have to go for activities that involved your hands. You can just maintain your productivity level. Take up a sport, go out with friends, go back to school, or tend a garden. This would also be good for you as doing something you really love actually relieves you of the stress, which is also another reason or nail biting.

5. Pamper your hands. Unless you’re downright hateful about your hands, you wouldn’t really think about biting your nails when you see them very pretty. You might want to head to a nearby salon regularly to have your manicure. In fact, you can take pictures of them, so you will be reminded of how gorgeous they look.

6. Keep your hands away. When you feel like biting your nails, bring your hands away from you, perhaps you can keep them in your pockets or consider wearing gloves.

7. Cut the nails short. After all, what’s there to bite when the nails are already very short? That would also prevent dirt and grime from getting under the nails, then ingesting them while you’re biting.

8. Use affirmations. Yes, you can utilize subliminal messages to help manage nail biting. As mentioned, this habit may be caused by depression, anxiety, or stress. You can use affirmations to help deal with these negative feelings. Each day remind yourself of the following:

I can do a lot of things.
I can develop inner peace.
Every time I breathe, I get rid of stress.

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