For some reason the subjects of erection and potency are quite popular in magazines and various publications, and when it comes to the final result of that – an orgasm, there’s hardly any information. We decided to correct this omission by answering the 13 most common questions about the male orgasm.

1. Is orgasm and ejaculation the same thing? Orgasm is what a man experiences during ejaculation. Orgasm can be wild and emotional, and can be completely dull. The latter can be technically called an ejaculation without an orgasm. The opposite situation (an orgasm without ejaculation) is pretty hard to imagine. Except for maybe when some sex macho who had seven sexual intercourses in a row and simply ran out of semen for the eighth one.

2. How many orgasms in a row can be considered a norm? Stories about how someone climaxed and started a new intercourse right away are for the majority a bluff. At the young age (up to 25 years old) for a man who is deeply in love 3 minutes break between sexual intercourses can be sufficient, this break tends to increase with age. If you are in a relationship and have sex regularly, usually one orgasm is enough to satisfy you, if you change partners often then you want to get the maximum out of it, then the norm is 2-3 ejaculations in a row (again the time interval between ejaculations depends on the age). Neither he nor she needs more than that. And men who say otherwise simply exaggerate and lie.

3. Is there such a thing as male anorgasmia (failure to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse)? Yes, there is such a thing. There are different reasons for it: it can be due to malfunctions in the cerebral cortex or due to healing processes in the genitalia after a surgery or an infectious disease. There is a number of diseases of cerebral cortex or spine that lead to the so called “retrograde ejaculation” when the sperm is ejected not to the outside but to the inside into the urinary bladder. Outwardly it looks like there is no ejaculation, but if you take a test of the urine you will find spermatozoa in it. At the same time the erection is absolutely normal.

4. What is the accelerated ejaculation? There is no such term in modern sexology. There is though such a term as a couple’s discord. All in all it really doesn’t matter if the man climaxes in 10 seconds or in 40 minutes. The important thing is that both partners are satisfied. The accelerated ejaculation is majorly a psychological problem. 80% of accelerated ejaculation cases are treated with a simple conversation.

5. Does tantric sex when a man does not ejaculate for several days really charge you up with energy and extend your life? An artificial prolongation of sexual intercourse (especially after 40 years old) only harms a man’s health, it raises the blood pressure and pulse, plus it is a physical as well as a psychological and hormonal load. Sex shouldn’t become work or habit. Sex is a relaxation and pleasure, and that’s how you should treat it.

6. Does circumcision affect male orgasm? If the outside flesh is cut off and the head of the penis is always open it becomes less sensitive. Therefore the sexual intercourse lasts longer if the man is circumcised.

7. Does the male orgasm depend on the position like the female orgasm does? It depends on the position to a degree but not in the same way. A woman will get different sensations if she changes the position since other zones of her body will be stimulated and this is exactly what influences her orgasm. For a man it is more important to change the angle from which he sees his partner. An obvious truth – a man loves with his eyes. That’s why many men like doggy-style since they can enjoy the view.

8. What does the intensity of the ejaculation depend on? Sometimes the sperm just shoots out. And sometimes it lazily pours out… As a rule the first portion of sperm gets shot out. After the second and following intercourses it will just pour out. A good rush of sperm is a sign of your reproductive system working well. If the first portion is sluggish it means that the sperm is too viscous. This could be caused by long abstinence, an infection, a cold, or the beginning stage of prostatitis and is definitely a reason to consult a doctor. You shouldn’t write it off as something that happens as you get older, the quality of sperm should not depend on your age.

9. Should the frequency of sexual intercourses match the frequency of orgasms? As we know it is not necessarily the fact for women. Ladies do not climax every time and there is absolutely nothing terrible with that. The same thing happens even to the best of men. Sometimes a man can get a woman to climax and just stop himself without ejaculating. However, if this happens more than half the time, it is a reason to get concerned.

10. What are the consequences of a long lack of ejaculation? The most common consequences of abstinence are prostatitis and other inflammatory processes. Combining chastity with inactive lifestyle is very dangerous for the pelvis. Even Julius Caesar after sitting a couple of hours on the imperial throne stepped to another room where two female slaves were awaiting him to perform oral sex. If your personal life is not going well for now then masturbation can serve as a substitute therapy.

11. Is ejaculation without a sexual intercourse a normal thing? Imagine looking at a picture in a magazine and all of a sudden climaxing. This is not called ejaculation. It is actually spermatorrhoea, the disease caused by the flabbiness of the muscle that surrounds the prostate gland. Or in other words it is a late stage of prostatitis.

12. Is it true that it is easier for a man to get an orgasm from oral sex than from genital sex? Actually it is solely a matter of personal preference. The only thing you need to remember is that having oral sex in the mornings can lead to male anorgasmia. In general, there are several hygienic rules you should follow. There are a lot of bacteria that get accumulated in the oral cavity overnight that lead not only to teeth cavities. If they get into male urinary ducts, these bacteria multiply, leading to inflammatory diseases. So make sure to brush your teeth before even thinking about oral sex.

13. Does the food a man eats affect the taste of his sperm? Sweets and fruit give the sperm a better taste. Garlic severely ruins the taste and smell of semen. Any inflammatory diseases in genitals will make the sperm bitter or stale. Therefore if you feel like something is wrong, don’t try to spare his feelings, better think about his health and tell him honestly – “It doesn’t taste good!”

Knowing this information will help you understand what’s going on in male body a little more. And for ladies maybe even enough to catch your man off guard...and that is always a great way to start your love making.

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