Many frequently ask about dolphins and dolphin sounds. Dolphins have the ability to send and receive sonic frequencies of 180,00 cycles per second. That is 10 times faster than humans can perceive--human hearing ends at about 16,000 cycles per second. Dolphins have the ability to project multi-dimensional holographic images on their sounds. In a series of clicks, a dolphin can encode encyclopedic information upon sound. And another dolphin can receive and understand this information. What is the difference between these sounds and telepathy? The difference is that one is physical plane sound encoded with thought forms. The other is pure thought form. Can they convey the same information? Possibly, depending upon the receiver. Do they have the same effect? Possibly. What is the difference? You tell us. Next time you want to greet someone, think "Hello". And then with the warmest of depth and intention say "Hello" and judge for yourself. Even if the person is a fine psychic, they will no doubt appreciate the physical plane greeting.

The same is true about prayer. Silent prayer is wonderful. Audible prayer may even be better. It is not that the deities on the higher planes can not hear the silent prayer, they just appreciate the audible as more of an offering or honoring. It is a matter of preference. Besides, most humans are so neophyte in our ability to telepathically transmit and decode information. Certain of your traditions in Australia have developed a degree of telepathy which they use over long distances. However, many of what you call the "Aboriginal Tribes" do not do use telepathy in close proximity. They still speak to each other when it is practical. And these traditions continue to use sound primarily as either a healing modality or as a sacred modality to invoke and honor deities and energies. Bones can be knit together with sound. And ancestral energies brought in to gatherings through sound.

Image by Brian 96 via Flickr

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